Written by  Stacey Uhrig | Images by Berit Marketing Manager and former IBB Client (2000)

As the Marketing and Business Administrator for Images by Berit, I work with a lot of couples on a day to day basis.  I know that the wedding planning phase can be very time consuming and sometimes choosing the right professional can be stressful.  What I have learned through my interactions is that many times decisions come down to two simple things:  the connection and the cost.

The Connection

When it comes to selecting a wedding photographer, in my opinion the most important pieces of that decision puzzle is the connection.  I have been working with Berit since April 2014.  But I met Berit when I hired her 16 years ago to photograph my own wedding!  After I met with Berit I said to my “to be” husband at the time, even if we didn’t hire her to photograph our wedding I’d want to invite her to our wedding!  I like her! This may sound simplistic, but it was a very important factor when hiring our photographer.  I was comfortable.  We connected.  And her work was amazing.  The connection we had and my level of comfort allowed me to be myself on my wedding day and the result was that Berit was able to capture myself and my husband in our most authentic state – she captured the essence of us!

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On the day of your wedding, things are hectic, dare I say a bit chaotic at times?  There are many last minute details to think about and what-ifs running through your mind.  Being around people who you are comfortable with helps ease those nerves and ultimately, when your photographer is one of those people, its a game changer.  When a couple hires Berit there is a connection.  This connection allows the couple to be at ease, relaxed in front of the camera and ultimately results in photography of your most authentic self.  It really is magic.

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Wedding Photographer Cost

Working with so many couples, we understand that every wedding comes with a budget and we realize that many times cost is a factor when making a final decision on a photographer.  There becomes a “price justification”. I have this much money to work with and only this amount is ear-marked for wedding photography.

If you have never hired a photographer before

Berit has been a professional full-time wedding photographer since 1997.  She takes on hundreds of hours of training a year to stay current with both her craft and the technology she uses.  She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and is a Certified Professional Photographer.  For people who have never had to hire a photographer before, they may or may not truly understand the difference and look just at the cost.  If you have never hired a photographer before and want to See the Difference  between a non-professional and professional photographers work the video below really helps explain this!  The following video highlights engaged couples reading real stories of real people who chose to hire non-professional photographers and what the end results were.


See the Difference

In conclusion

Just this past summer Berit received the following testimonial:  “After doing a good amount of comparative analysis of photographers in the $2,000 to $5,000 range, I came to the conclusion that none of them were producing work that I thought was any better than photos I had taken myself over the years.” – Read More

The quote above struck us, because it is a conversation we have here in the studio often.  The cost of professional photographer with 700+ weddings of experience will not produce anything other than Grade A work.  Anything less would not be acceptable and the result takes more hours than the average person would think!

When in discussions with a couple about cost, a question I often ask our couples is , “How did you arrive at your budgeted amount for photography?” Many times the answer is, “I don’t know” or “According to what I’ve read, the percentage that I should ear mark is x%.  I think the most important question is, “Is your budgeted amount simply a number in a spreadsheet or is the dollar amount aligned with what you want at the end of the day?”

There are so many different line items on a wedding budget and photography is just one, this we understand.  However, at the end of the day – the photography is what is left.  It’s the documentation of a once in a lifetime event that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Our goal is to provide all of our couples with a lasting memory of their wedding and ensure their children and grandchildren would be able to feel what the wedding day felt like 50 years from now.  We are a full-service business that takes care of each individual client from start to finish and we know what we are doing will have even greater value to our clients than they could ever imagine at the time of booking us.

Our couples research and understand the value of professional photography.  They dig deep and investigate everything about us, the photography, the lighting, and the continuity of the photography.  If you are looking to hire a photographer because it is a quick and simple check mark on your “wedding to do list” then most likely we will not make the cut.  If photography is important to you and you are still seeking a photographer for your wedding, we would love to hear from you!  Simply fill out the form below or contact us at 908-221-9440!