We are excited to kick off a three part Wedding Hair and Makeup series to help brides gain inspiration for how they want to look on their wedding day.  Beyond the dress, hair and makeup are essential parts in helping a bride feel her best on the big day!

We’ve been fortunate enough to be paired up with a number of fantastic Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists over the years.  One of these amazing artists is Sharron Maguire of Vanity and Mascara located in New Jersey.  Sharron has been specializing in bridal hair and makeup for well over 15 years.  Her work, along with the work of her special team of hair and makeup artists, has been featured in many of the top bridal magazines including In Style Weddings, Inside Weddings, The Knot, Manhattan Bride, and Modern Bride.

Today’s Wedding Hair and Makeup post comes directly from Sharron Maguire as this week’s IBB guest blogger!


The messy bun.

The messy bun is a very popular hairstyle with brides.  Its a natural look in which the hair is tousled and (for lack of a better word) on the messy side. The messy bun is great for a bride that is not used to wearing her hair up.  For someone that doesn’t want too severe of a hairstyle this is a great way to go!  The messy bun is what Stephanie Rossy chose for her wedding look and we thought it was a great fit!

To create this messy bun, I began by curling the whole head with a Marcel curling iron.  


Even though the curls will be pulled out and eventually become very loose curl, you really want to make sure you start out with a rather tight curl.

Wedding Hair: Messy Bun, Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sharron Maguire of Vanity and Mascara

If the curls aren’t initially tight enough the hair will be way too messy.

For Stephanie’s look, I opted to pull all the hair straight back with some volume on top. I teased her hair a bit so that the hair had a little height on top and wasn’t so flat.  


Pulling the hair straight back resulted in a very flattering look for this bride.

Wedding Hair: Messy Bun, Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sharron Maguire of Vanity and Mascara

Stephanie’s makeup was airbrushed for a flawless finish that would last all day and well into the evening. In order to keep her makeup looking clean and fresh, I went with a bronze natural look on her skin and eyes, with more of a pinky cheek and lip. 

photo 1 (1)

By highlighting her cheek bones and brow bone with some shimmer, I was able to brighten her skin and give her a perfect amount of glow.

Wedding Makeup & Hair: Messy Bun, Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sharron Maguire of Vanity and Mascara


We really enjoyed helping Stephanie with her bridal hair and makeup!  The goal of our team of professionals, at Vanity and Mascara, is to create a hairstyle that’s authentic to and best for each individual bride.

There are many details that play a role in choosing a style that the bride will both look and feel her best in. Up or down, straight or curly, soft, severe, or maybe somewhere in the middle. Our stylists guide you through this journey, step by step to achieve your most flattering look.

If you are looking for wedding hair and makeup help Vanity & Mascara services all of New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Connecticut. We are also available for destination weddings.  I am confident that you will find our artists professional, talented, and accommodating, as well as our prices competitive. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Good luck with your wedding planning and congratulations!

Bride: Stephanie Rossy
Wedding Hair & Makeup: Vanity and Mascara
Wedding Photography: Images by Berit