Wedding Hair and Makeup:  The side ponytail with a smokey eye

Today’s blog post is our latest installation, part 2 of a 3 part Bridal Hair and Makeup series, from Hair and Makeup Artist, Sharron Maguire of Vanity and Mascara.

Their are many different variations of The Side Ponytail aka The Side Pony.  Sometimes a bride seeks a very sleek look.  Others prefer a very loose pony.  Side Ponytails can be straight, braided or curly.  All are fun and represent each bride in a unique way.  On this particular occasion, the bride and I chose a curled pony with a side part.  When doing a curled pony, regardless of whether you want a loose or tight curl, you must set the hair first in order for the curl to stay all day.  This is especially the case if you are working with very thick, silky hair like this bride.

Bridal Hair:  Factors to consider

The weight of the hair, weather conditions, duration of the day and many other factors all contribute to the curl relaxing and in some cases, completely going straight.  This is why not setting the hair, at least and hour before styling, is a huge no no!  I prefer a curling iron set to a roller set. In this case, I took one inch sections, curled each piece and then clipped the curl into place. By leaving the curl clipped into place, it allowed the hair to cool down on its own and lock it into place.

Wedding Hairstyles and Bridal Hair - The Side Ponytail

Bridal Makeup:  The Natural Smokey Eye

While her hair was setting I continued with her makeup. This bride wanted a slightly smokey eye.  She wanted her eyes to pop without going super smokey or dark.  Her foundation, eyes, and cheeks were all airbrushed.  If you want your makeup to last all day, then it is wise to make sure your your makeup artist does airbrushing on your eyes and cheeks as well as your face.  It truly is the best solution for all day wear!

When airbrushing makeup, I always incorporate powder to blend. For the smokey eye, I put a shimmer on the entire lid and concentrated on the smokey aspect in the outer corners.  I used a matte grey shadow under the eye along with black pencil liner on the bottom and a cream black liner on top.To add a bit more drama I used false lashes.

To maintain a clean fresh look on her skin I applied a little bronzer and a a shimmery pink on her cheeks followed by a baby pink lip. I find a pink or peachy lip softens a sophisticated look with a hint of flirty-ness.

After about 2 hours, I took her hair down and was able to mold the hair into the desired style with the curls staying intact. You always want to start off with a slightly tighter curl because even when setting the curl it will relax a small amount.  The majority of her hair was pulled to the side with an protective elastic (always use 2-3 in case one snaps). Her remaining hair I gradually pinned to the hair that was already in the pony to give a more natural symmetry to the style.  Lastly, I swooped her remaining hair into the rest, concentrating on securing all of it in tightly but avoiding a too severe look.

Sharron Maguire, owner of Vanity and Mascara, has been specializing in bridal hair and makeup for well over 15 years.

Her work, along with the work of her special team of hair and makeup artists, has been featured in many of the top bridal magazines including In Style Weddings, Inside Weddings, The Knot, Manhattan Bride, and Modern Bride.

If you are looking for wedding hair and makeup help Vanity & Mascara services all of New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Connecticut.

Bride: Danielle Rossy, Summer 2014
Wedding Hair & Makeup: Vanity and Mascara
Wedding Photography: Images by Berit