Lindsay & Mike’s Personalized Wedding Guest Book

First, I have to say, I love this family to pieces! We’ve had unbelievably fun times, including two full days of engagement shoots: one day at the Jersey shore, and one day in Manhattan. It was Lindsay’s mom’s idea to have a variety of photos in order to put together a very personalized guest book for her daughter’s wedding. We had the beach and the amusement park practically to ourselves – and I was able to work on my whims and get to know a really amazing couple all throughout.  And, in New York, we went everywhere!  What a playground the city is 🙂  Below is the layout and design I did for Lindsay & Mike’s Guest Book that developed from our day at the amusement park and beach. The city photos were used for other goodies, which I will share soon. I know this Guest Book is something that Lindsay and Mike will look back on for years to come – and I’m so happy to have been a part of it!            

Lindsay and Mike Love Life

And am I ever having so much fun working with Lindsay, Mike, and their families before their wedding at Cipriani’s NY this Fall. As I have mentioned a few times, one of the best parts of photographing weddings is getting to know the people I work with, learning about their lives, religion, and culture – it really breathes life into my creative soul! We then had another great day at the Jersey Shore. I have to give a shout out to the other ‘behind the scenes’ creative person, Judy, because I am having way too much fun! Who knows what we’ll come up with in the next few months! Lindsay and Mike really love life.