I have partnered up with 77 Diamonds  and Courtney Blevins, an aspiring wedding coordinator, who loves spending her time contributing to the blogosphere with her wedding inspiration, and she is kindly guest blogging for me today!

Engagement photos are rapidly becoming a significant part of the documentation of weddings and the months, weeks, and days leading up to them. These photos can be used in a variety of ways; send your engagement announcement along with the photo to your local newspaper, incorporate them in your wedding invitations, favors, and other decorations, or give them to your family and friends as wedding keepsakes. Engagement photos also provide couples with the opportunity to have a “test run” of sorts with your wedding photographer before the big day.

So what should you know before taking those timeless engagement photos? Developing an idea of the style and location you prefer, making a list of any special details you’ll need during the shoot, and establishing a time frame of when you’d like the photos to go out are just a few tips to keep in mind when planning your engagement photo session.

What’s Your Story?

One of the key components of creating a unique engagement photo shoot and gorgeous photos is to have a theme or motif. Although your photographer has ideas and can guide you on what artistic features should be used in your photo shoot, developing a storyline or theme for your pictures before the shoot is a crucial aspect of the engagement photo shoot process. Perhaps you’d like to re-enact your proposal with your mate taking a knee and presenting you with one of those fabulous 77Diamonds engagement rings. If you can’t come up with a significant theme for your shoot, there are a number of unique engagement photo trends out there. Don’t forget to integrate essential items like precious flowers or other tokens that bear meaning to you as a couple.


Devise a Photo Shoot Schedule

From the moment you get engaged, scheduling becomes the most important part of your wedding arrangements. Similar to organizing the mailing of your engagement announcements, save-the-dates, and wedding invitations, coordinating when to take your engagement photos requires just as much organization. Your photo scheduling options depend on how and when you plan to use your photos. Some newly engaged couples opt to have their engagement photos snapped shortly after they become engaged, which is an ideal time since you’ll both still be radiating and full of excitement from the recent proposal. This is also a good time if you plan on putting an engagement announcement in a newspaper. Some couples choose to have their engagement photos taken once they have set their wedding date so that they can use the photos on items connected to the wedding, such as the formal print wedding announcements and ceremony programs. If you and your future spouse plan on following this custom, aim to have your engagement photos taken eight to ten months prior to the wedding, which is the perfect time to print and send save-the-dates before your nuptials. Some soon-to-be-wed couples even decide not to have their engagement photos taken until a month or two before the wedding in order to give their guests a glimpse of their wedding day look.