The Mansion at Natirar

The inspiration behind Kelly and Peter’s wedding was to create an elegant and sophisticated celebration that included all of the characteristics of the Mansion at Natirar that they both appreciated and enjoyed.  The natural outdoor setting of the sprawling hills that surrounded Natirar was brought into the Mansion complete with unique foliage, soft blooms and natural elements. A beautiful color palette of antique green, aubergine, cream and accents of lavender were selected to create a warm and romantic ambiance which resonated with the time of year. Kelly and Peter created a Natirar inspired save the date, with the help of Grace Connell of Grace Connell Designs with a vintage key attached inviting our friends and family to celebrate this special time in our lives. Their wedding invitation was also inspired by Natirar with hand drawings, again by Grace Connell, of architectural elements from the interior and exterior of the Mansion including iron wrought gates, moroccan inspired ceiling tiles, and brick posts found at the entrance to the property.

Additional Details