Jewish Tradition at Gotham Hall

Gotham Hall is one of Manhattan’s most beautiful  halls for New York City weddings.  It is the event venue of choice for many of New York’s social scene.  The striking architecture of its main banquet hall is the perfect backdrop for an elegant wedding location in NY and is considered one of the most prominent wedding halls in NYC.  As you pass through the imposing brass doors, you enter the heart of Gotham Hall, the Grand Ballroom. In a room built for royalty, you will be captivated by the remarkable presence this room commands as you immerse yourself in every lavish detail.  Your eyes are instantaneously drawn upward to the miraculous gilded ceiling centered above the inlaid marble floor.  In the center of the unique gold-leaf honeycombed design sits a one-of-a-kind 3,000 square foot stained-glass ceiling. Regal granite walls and solid limestone Corinthian columns adorning each end of the hall’s oval further accentuate the grandeur of the architecture.

Things to consider for Photography in Gotham Hall

Originally a bank, Gotham Hall was designed with very little natural light elements.  For the best photography, it’s imperative that a photographer understands the use of off camera flash to light up different areas of the Grand Ballroom.  Without this off camera flash, the backgrounds will appear black.  When selecting Gotham Hall as your venue, we advise that you seek a Certified Professional Photographer with extensive experience in various NYC locations.

Seeking a wedding photographer for your event at Gotham Hall?

We have had the honor of documenting multiple weddings at Gotham Hall and other iconic venues with similar lighting.  We would welcome the opportunity to hear from you regarding your Gotham Hall wedding.  Please feel free to contact Berit today!