October 13th is Etched in my Heart Forever

With hope and faith that someday the disease of breast cancer will be eradicated. Every year in October since 2000, a project I have proudly worked on with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation of North Jersey, entitled “Journeys of Courage”, is on display throughout the Mall at Short Hills. These are portraits of breast cancer survivors and people I greatly admire. I photograph them with love and admiration, and in honor of my sister, Karen, who lost her battle on this day in 1988 at the age of 34. It is so encouraging to see how far research has taken us. It’s also a time to remind our sisters, moms, and daughters to get their mammograms!

Karen doing one of things she did best - being a Mom!

Karen doing one of the things she did best – being a Mom!

October 2009, The Mall at Short Hills, NJ

October 2009, The Mall at Short Hills, NJ

About the Author:
Berit Bizjak is the owner and principal photographer of Images by Berit, Inc. She is an admirer of all things photography & art, compassionate animal lover, Mom to 2 amazing kiddos (ok - adults), spirtual adventurer and fierce breast cancer advocate. Berit loves meeting new people, learning new cultures, the Giants, the Yankees and anything Rock & Roll.

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