Even though there is a lot of spontaneity with my work during engagement sessions and weddings, some careful planning makes the end result even better! I always appreciate and love to talk to my clients beforehand about many different things, such as style, personalities, their backgrounds, the bride’s hair and makeup, and the end-use of the images. These things are crucial to successful photography. I really do photograph from my heart, and having the opportunity to talk to my clients makes this so much better – and is the reason I love it so much! Lauren and Brian did give me this opportunity, and what I discovered is a really beautiful relationship, a sense of confidence, true friendship and love with one another.  We had a beautiful day in Hoboken, where they both live. There was a sense of quiet and calm, and I was so thrilled to be there with them. Lauren and Brian, it is such a pleasure to know you – I can’t tell you how excited I am to be photographing your winter wedding at The Venetian!! 

A special thank you to Adriana & Adam for referring me to Lauren & Brian xxoo