You’re planning a wedding!  There is so much to think about and decide. One of those decisions is to hire a wedding photographer.

People ask me all the time, “What should I look for when I hire a wedding photographer?”.  My response, “The best photographer will take the time to build a rapport with you and use experience and intuition to take an integrative approach to the day, so it best reflects the authenticity of you as a couple. The best wedding photography is more than a series of still pictures. It is a kind of physical poetry, portraying the essence of both people and place.

“It’s more than just using a camera.”

My approach to a wedding is to catch your authenticity.  There is something unique to every wedding, and my goal is to find it.  No two are alike and yours will be one of a kind.

The details your chose, the way your day is designed and will unfold is done so to best represent who you are as a couple.  As a wedding photographer, it is my responsibility is to capture your vision.  Very few  professionals, you hire for this day, will carry this level of responsibility.  It is one that I take very seriously and what drives me to excel.

One of the most important things we will do together is build a rapport.  Honesty and trust are important aspects in capturing your vision.  This transparency allows me to capture you in your most natural state and in the way that is most meaningful to you.

I have been a wedding photographer for over fifteen years.  What I think sets me apart from other wedding photographers is my creativity and skill in capturing the romantic spark between a couple, as well as the mood, personality, ambiance, and even the geography of every wedding, in virtually any setting.  When we begin to work together, you will see that my experience has allowed me to develop the knowledge, exposure, intuitiveness and sixth sense of wedding days and how they flow.  My passion for humanity as it is represented through culture, tradition and ceremony combined with our rapport will allow me to document your authenticity.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than the opportunity to document a meaningful day and help you preserve it in a way that allows for the memory to live on well past the event.  Working together, your wedding photography will be the result of a holistic experience inclusive of honesty, trust, intuition, experience, technical instinct and passion.

Remember, when hiring a wedding photographer, it’s more than just using a camera.

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