Ask Berit

I am excited that you’re interested in learning more about Images by Berit .   Below are some frequently asked questions.  If there is something not addressed, please feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m on the fence regarding whether or not I want to see my fiance for a “First Look”. Why do people feel this is important and what is your philosophy on this?

Creating beautiful portraits of the couple and assorted family groups requires time.  Scheduling these for after the wedding ceremony can delay the reception (or your arrival at it).  Photographing after a "First Look" before the ceremony alleviates that pressure.

Over the years, in which I have photographed over five hundred weddings, I have never seen a couple regret the decision to see each other beforehand, in fact, quite the opposite.

A "First Look" many times relieves a little bit of the stress that can occur prior to the ceremony.

I’m excited about your work, but you haven’t photographed the location we have chosen for our wedding. How will you know how to photograph the venue well?

Every location at some point is a first for everyone.  I am prepared to work with any type of situation and have photographed in new locations with great success - it’s part of my job.

The truth is, a skilled, experienced photographer does not need to see the venue beforehand.  If the venue is truly very large and there are numerous possibilities, I may be able to schedule a location scout with you.

Is Images by Berit insured?

Images by Berit, Inc. is fully insured for liability and workers compensation.  A COI is available upon request.

Why do the images that I share on social media have to contain a watermark?

All images, taken by Images by Berit, Inc., which are shared on social media need to be identified by copyright and must contain the Images by Berit watermark.  Unforatunately, this is due to an unusually high incidence of images being stolen online by other photographers who have made a practice of using other people's photography and presenting as their own.  

If you have an images which you would like to share via social media and would like it cropped or resized, this can be provided upon request, with watermark.

What's the best advice to offer a couple on their wedding day?

Beyond, "relax and enjoy" the best piece of advice I can give is stay hydrated and eat!

Your wedding day is a very busy day and it’s really important to keep up your blood sugar! Between the excitement, running around, and just having been married, I always suggest that the couple and their families have something to eat and drink before we begin the more formal photos - it makes a big difference!

Many times your reception location will have refreshments ready for you upon arrival and before your cocktail hour begins. If not, other arrangements should be made.