I love engagement sessions!  It’s such an awesome way for me to get to know my clients and to begin working together.  There are several elements that make an engagement session the best it can be.  When we discuss the logistics of your session it will give me the opportunity to learn more about you and allow us to create an environment that will make you feel the most relaxed, allowing me to capture your authenticity as a couple.

Some things to think about when planning your engagement session photo shoot:

  • Day of the week:  Engagement session times are available during the week or on Sundays.
  • Time of day:  If your session is to be outdoors, the best engagement sessions begin 2-3 hours before sundown.
  • Location: #1 rule:  Chose a location with which you have an emotional connection!

Ideas for location:  where he proposed, at your favorite restaurant, doing your favorite activity, where you first met each other, images with your pet, your favorite skyline, a downtown urban setting, an amusement park, vintage-styled, with old furniture and funky clothes, at your favorite, cute coffee shop, enjoying the sand at the beach, rustic and outdoors at a local barn, during a season that speaks to you.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to the engagement session is “What should we wear?”. 

Our suggestion, coordinate colors and be comfortable!

When it comes to color, our suggestion doesn’t mean matchy-matchy. It just means that you wear colors that complement each other and pieces that have common shades.   Great examples are Navy, White and Coral or perhaps Tea Rose with Gold accents!  We love the combinations we’ve seen here:

What to wear to an engagement photo shoot, NYC Weddings, NJ Weddings, Wedding Photographer Images by BeritYou can be bold with color!  Yes, black is slimming but it doesn’t always come out well in photos.  Try a bright color that will stand out and make you feel the most beautiful!

Don’t be afraid of prints! Prints can be overwhelming for some, but a head to toe print can look great in photos!  Just make sure it’s one that is flattering and hits you in the right places!   Stay clear of logos and designs on shirts – you don’t want to follow a trend on these shots.  You want them to stand the test of time.  To balance the print, have your fiance wear a solid color.

Choose clothes that complement your surroundings. Try and wear an outfit that matches your location. For example if you are going to be shooting in a wheat field, then wear a casual sun dress with cowboy boots. But if your shoot is more formal a cocktail dress or nice pair of slacks and sweater is the way to go.

Multiple Outfits!   It’s OK to have one casual outfit and one more formal one. And if you are unsure of what to wear, bring a couple options to your shoot and we can figure out what will work best.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize!  Play up your femininity if the outfit is edgy or choose edgy jewelry to balance super feminine outfits.  If your outfit is pretty casual, try sprucing it up with a colorful scarf, pretty necklace, high heels or cute flats.

Feel free to wear layers!  Add a cardigan, blazer or jacket to finish your look!

Be authentic with your style.   The best photos are the ones where you are being yourself!  Be comfortable.  Wear your true style, don’t try to dress up and be someone you are not!

Last but not the least:  music, hair & makeup!

Your engagement session is a great time to try out your wedding make-up artist. See if you can coordinate a trial on the day of your engagement session. If not, try to wear heavier make-up than your everyday look, and definitely wear lipstick!

Music….music has meaning.   My experience is that music helps creates a relaxed environment. I try to use it in my sessions as much as possible.  Give us a playlist and we will play it!  Check out this engagement session video that we put to music!

We just absolutely love working with couples on their engagements!  Check out some of the most recent engagement photo sessions we’ve put up on Pinterest.  For more ideas, inspiration and location ideas visit our most recent Engagement Session Blog piece.