There have been so many wonderful, amazing moments that I have witnessed and photographed with Ashley and Dan, one of the most genuine and joyful couples I’ve ever met! It’s been a true pleasure to work with both Ashley and Dan’s families – their love for one another is undeniable, and I’ve enjoyed every second! I’ve also had the immense pleasure of working with incomporable talents, including the entire Natirar staff, Abigail Kirsch Catering, David Beahm, Glen Elliott Video, Christine Paul, Cherese Rambaldi (The Honour of Your Presence), Carla Fabrizi Cosmetics, Angela Fisher Hair Stylist, and thanks to my regular assistant, Carly Jara, and Kenny Pang for working with me. Oh, and some of you may notice that while Max had no problem wearing his wedding bow tie, Molly would have nothing to do with her veil.