A Brooklyn Wedding at The River Cafe

The primary inspiration behind K.C. and Connor’s Brooklyn wedding was to meld their new life as a married couple with family, tradition and sentimentality.  They chose the River Café, in Brooklyn, New York, because the venue provided the perfect confluence of these elements: a beautiful setting overlooking our hometown of New York City; Connor’s grandparents celebrated several of their anniversaries and major life events at the River Café; K.C. grew up on a lake in Pennsylvania and celebrated all of her major milestones on her family’s dock.

Their guests included their families and our closest friends (approximately 75 people.) Throughout the ceremony, they sought to honor them. K.C. wore Connor’s maternal grandmother’s earrings, which were worn by each of her daughters and granddaughters on their wedding days. Connor wedded K.C. with her paternal grandmother’s wedding band. K.C.’s flowers were wrapped in a kerchief passed down by Connor’s paternal grandmother, a token which her daughter and granddaughters carried on their wedding days. Readings were done by Connor’s cousin and K.C.’s godmother, and in Jewish tradition, Connor stepped on a glass at the end of the ceremony.

Lastly and not the least of which, K.C. and Connor wanted their wedding to just be comfortable, warm and inviting for all who attended. They absolutely executed this and had an amazing team to thank for pulling off their day without a hitch! Luke Vossen and his team at the River Café ensured a very warm and welcoming environment for all of our guests.

Images by Berit was honored to be a part of K.C. and Connor’s wedding.  Mazel Tov!