Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony
Gorgeous traditional indian wedding ceremony with hues of teal, purple and gold.
The Stone House
The Stone House at Stirling Ridge | Photography by Stone House Photographer, Berit Bizjak of Images by Berit
New Years Eve Fiddlers Elbow Wedding | Images by Berit
Courtney and Paul wanted a New Years Eve Fiddlers Elbow wedding, where their family and friends could celebrate not only their special day but also be together to ring in a new beginning.
Top 10 Blog Posts from 2015
We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to all that we have come across this past wedding season. From couples turned friends to new professional relationships turned industry confidants - each and every person we come in contact with has meaning and purpose to our journey as a wedding photography studio. There are no coincidences in life. Each and every person we get a chance to meet and work with is meant to be and for all of it we are eternally grateful. We are beyond excited to be working with all of our new couples in 2016. You are all so lovely. Thank you for trusting us with such a huge responsibility with regards to your wedding day. It's an honor.
Park Savoy Wedding | Images by Berit
What an honor it was to document Megan and Ryan's Park Savoy wedding the weekend of Thanksgiving.
NYC Engagement Shoot | Images by Berit
Annaliza and Jeff had a vision of walking the Highline in New York City and using all of the beautiful landscaping and architecture as the background for the NYC Engagement Shoot!
Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding | Images by Berit
Pam and Chris' Spectacular Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding
A Country Estate Engagement Session | Images by Berit
Pamela and Chris chose to have their engagement session at Pamela's home this past summer.
A Westmount Country Club Wedding – Images by Berit
Marisa and Brian's Westmount Country Club Wedding
A New Jersey Tented Wedding – Images by Berit
We don't always get blessed with "perfect" weather and when planning a backyard tented wedding, mother nature doesn't always cooperate. But in the case of Samantha and James - the rain didn't stop anyone!
Connection and Cost
Sometimes choosing the right wedding professional can be stressful and many times decisions come down to two simple things: the connection and the cost.
Professional Wedding Photographer – Things to Be Wary of
When it comes to searching for a professional wedding photographer, there are many great ones and many not so great ones. Naturally, every couple will want to choose a professional wedding photographer that will do an awesome job. Let’s talk about things to watch out for in professional wedding photographer. What to Watch Out for When Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer The professional wedding photographer shoots like 300 weddings a year – Experience is great, but you don’t want a professional wedding photographer that is too busy. If someone shoots 100+ weddings in a year, they’re either shooting back-to-back events every single weekend,or they’re hiring associate photographers to fill their shoes. Neither of those are an automatic deal breaker, but you should get a feel for how the professional wedding photographer handles their heavy workload. If they’re doing it all themselves, do they seem passionate or unenthusiastic? If they’re hiring an associate, is it a talented colleague or a random freelancer? These are all things to take into account. The professional wedding photographer is having a crazy sale – If your favorite professional wedding photographer is running a discount, then it’d be great But don’t let a deep discount be your […]